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Welcome to TECHLOGYS, the one-stop consultancy and training services warehouse that specializes in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Business Process Reengineering solutions and People processes. We are a team of professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years in business leadership that includes engineering, finance, production, HRM & medical science, and includes titles such as VP , General Manager and CEO, all positions of leadership in a variety of companies serving a broad range of industries that includes both manufacturing and service-related businesses.

TECHLOGYS can help increase competitiveness by:

  • Reducing inventory costs, throughput and lead times
  • Increasing velocity, capacity and flexibility
  • Catalyse people processes

TECHLOGYS supports customers in their endeavor to become market leaders and achieve world class performance standards by providing customized but extensive, quality consultancy and training services. TECHLOGYS delivers measurable results through real solutions