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Placement Services

TECHLOGYS has been providing value based training to its customers for the last two years and now proudly announces adding Placement services to the existing Training and Consulting services.

The strength of TECHLOGYS is its core team who have all vast work experiences in their respective fields covering the complete spectrum of work functions across manufacturing and service sectors.

We understand organisation‘s manpower requirements better than most and backed with a huge data base we have a definitive edge to support organisations to scout and recruit the right talent.

TECHLOGYS mission to become one of the leading Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) Company, providing specialized services in sourcing and recruiting to companies.

TECHLOGYS objective is to provide the entire recruitment process and offer a highly cost effective solution.

TECHLOGYS will provide professional Services for:

  • Job Posting
  • Research Candidates on Job Boards
  • Research Passive Candidates on the internet
  • Resume Screening from your inbox or internal database
  • Name Generation
  • Customized Research
  • Information Management
  • Web Services
  • Background Checking
  • Induction Training
  • Interview panel
  • Onboard Documentations
  • Campus Hiring

TECHLOGYS has a vast data bank and is also registered with all the leading Job Portals giving it access to an enviable pool of human resource.

TECHLOGYS has a strong internal process of candidate evaluation and selection only after a thorough study of recruitment requirements. Recruitment and selection methodologies are designed specifically for each skill so as to manage and deliver solution customized towards individual clients that only the right candidates are offered providing tailored recruiting services as per your business needs.